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GEORGIA : ENPARD IV - Review of Budget Support Tranches 2023 and 2024
2023.05.14 to 2025.01.03

2022.03.12 to 2023.11.12

GEORGIA : Review of Sector Reform Performance Contract – Skills Development and Matching for Labour Market Needs (4&5 tranches)
2021.11.15 to 2023.01.19

KYRGYZSTAN : Public awareness raising and visibility of the EU-funded Budget Support operations in Kyrgyzstan
2021.03.04 to 2023.03.06

GEORGIA : European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) Georgia – Phases III Review Mission for the Budget Support: The 3rd and 4th Tranches under ENPARD III
2020.10.09 to 2023.04.29

GEORGIA : Review of Sector Reform Performance Contract – Skills Development and Matching for Labour Market needs
2019.11.25 to 2021.11.30

KYRGYZSTAN : Formulation of Digital Transformation Sector Reform Performance Contract
2019.10.14 to 2020.05.30

KYRGYZSTAN : Review of the Education Sector Reform Performance Contract in the Kyrgyz Republic
2019.09.16 to 2021.12.24

RUSSIAN FEDERATION : Evaluation of the Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics
2018.09.17 to 2019.08.17

AZERBAIJAN : Support to the center for analysis and communication of economic reforms under the president of the republic of Azerbaijan in legislative, institutional and economic reforms in the fiscal sector
2016.10.10 to 2017.08.10

2016.10.03 to 2017.04.01

ARMENIA : Support to Policy Dialogue, Coordination and Reforms in NIF related Sectors in Armenia
2015.11.16 to 2016.11.15

TAJIKISTAN : Support to selected areas of PFM reforms
2015.01.19 to 2019.01.11

BELARUS : Mid-Term Evaluation of the ongoing programme AAP 2009 “Support to quality infrastructure in the Republic of Belarus-Food Safety”
2014.01.15 to 2014.04.15

UKRAINE : Evaluation of the past and preparation of the future EU-funded co-operation in the area of research and innovations
2014.01.15 to 2014.05.20

BELARUS : Final evaluation of the AAP 2007 Support to the Implementation of a Comprehensive Energy Policy
2013.10.14 to 2014.01.30

RUSSIAN FEDERATION : Development of Enterprise Europe Network in Russia
2011.12.12 to 2012.11.30

GEORGIA : Evaluate the impact of EU Sector Policy Support Programmes
2011.08.21 to 2012.08.01

ARMENIA : Harmonization with EU standards and institution building of the State Inspectorate of Protection of Markets and Consumer Rights
2010.08.09 to 2011.09.06

RUSSIAN FEDERATION : Approximation of standards and practices of antimonopoly regulating of the operations of self-regulating organizations
2010.07.15 to 2011.12.01

TURKMENISTAN : Formulation for the support to Economic Policies Programme for Turkmenistan (AAP 2010)
2010.03.23 to 2011.12.31

TAJIKISTAN : Evaluation of the EC PFM related projects
2010.02.17 to 2010.06.21

RUSSIAN FEDERATION : Approximation of practices related to state-aid granting and reducing corruption risk
2009.12.04 to 2010.11.30

GEORGIA : Support to the Georgian National Agency for Standards, Technical Regulations and Metrology for the elaboration of a Twinning Project Fiche.
2009.11.13 to 2010.09.21

UKRAINE : Evaluation of European Commission’s Cooperation with Ukraine. Country Level Evaluation
2009.09.25 to 2011.01.31

AZERBAIJAN : Support to the Copyright Agency of the Azerbaijan Republic to prepare for a twinning fiche to strengthen the enforcement of intellectual property rights in Azerbaijan
2009.07.15 to 2010.01.15

AZERBAIJAN : Support to the Public Financial Control Service under the Ministry of Finance to draft a Twinning project fiche in the field of Public Internal Financial Control
2009.06.05 to 2009.12.05

UKRAINE : Support to the Introduction and Implementation of the European Charter for Small Enterprises in Ukraine
2008.12.03 to 2010.02.04

GEORGIA : Support to the Ministry of Finance of Georgia for the elaboration of a Twinning Project Fiche concerning the Strengthening the National Customs System of Georgia
2008.11.18 to 2009.01.31

TAJIKISTAN : Support to Macroeconomic Forecast and Modelling, the Republic of Tajikistan
2008.10.20 to 2009.11.30

GEORGIA : Support to the Public Expenditure Management Reforms by the Ministry of Finance of Georgia
2007.12.02 to 2008.10.14

BELARUS : Statistic 9 in Belarus
2006.09.05 to 2008.06.30