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ACP COUNTRIES : Country-level implementation of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda: support to integrated national financing frameworks
2019.01.07 to 2020.10.31

ACP COUNTRIES : End-Term Review of the ACP Investment Facility
2016.10.16 to 2019.06.28

ACP COUNTRIES : Feasibility study on the ACP endowment and trust fund
2016.06.30 to 2016.12.28

ACP COUNTRIES : Assessment of EU interventions in relation to the private sector under the various financial instruments dedicated to the banana and sugar sectors
2014.01.14 to 2014.05.15

ACP COUNTRIES : Boosting the business climate for the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector in ACP Countries
2012.12.13 to 2013.09.27

ACP COUNTRIES : Final evaluation of the Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme
2012.05.02 to 2013.01.09

ACP COUNTRIES : Study on Social Protection in sub-Saharan Africa
2012.03.30 to 2013.03.31

ACP COUNTRIES : Mid Term Review of the BizClim Programme
2011.12.07 to 2012.04.07

ACP COUNTRIES : Final Evaluation of the EU/ACP Microfinance Programme
2011.04.04 to 2012.03.30

ACP COUNTRIES : Evaluation of the Centre for the Development of Enterprise
2011.02.14 to 2012.02.08

ACP COUNTRIES : Thematic Global Evaluation of EC Support to Trade Related Assistance in Third Countries
2010.12.28 to 2013.02.28

ACP COUNTRIES : Thematic Global Evaluation of EC Support to Agricultural Commodities in ACP Countries
2009.12.28 to 2012.07.26

ACP COUNTRIES : Mid-term evaluation of the Investment Facility and EIB own resources operations in ACP countries and the OCTs
2009.09.29 to 2011.04.19

ACP COUNTRIES : Regional Integration Support - Monitoring Regional Integration
2008.11.05 to 2010.11.04

ACP COUNTRIES : Mid term review of the programme Tradecom
2008.07.03 to 2008.11.03

ACP COUNTRIES : Training on the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability Performance Measurement Framework
2008.04.01 to 2009.10.30

ACP COUNTRIES : EC Public Finance Mgt Monitoring-9FED-GPR15
2007.12.03 to 2008.06.03