« Making decisions means making choices. It means taking responsibilities and dealing with the consequences. »

Improve the quality of your decisions

Created in 1990, ADE is a private consulting company that delivers objective and independent services to assist private and public decision-makers in the formulation of rational economic decisions and in monitoring their implementation. ADE intervenes at every stage of the decision-making process: from problem analysis and advisory studies, to support in the formulation, in the monitoring and in the evaluation of strategies/policies/programmes.

In complying with its goals, ADE continuously strives to maintain and strengthen its widely recognized commitment to excellence. Whilst indentifying areas where it can acquire competences and resources, ADE aims at maximizing synergies and complementarities between the services provided and the themes covered.

Support to economic decision-making covers an extremely wide range of themes and services. ADE is always attentive to adapt to the needs of both market and clients, that evolves along with the dominant policies and issues at stake in the society.

ADE's four main areas of excellence are :

  • Evaluation and monitoring
  • Regional policies and innovation
  • Economic policies and public finance
  • Rural development and environment

To keep abreast of market developments and to ensure that emerging knowledge is integrated into its four areas, ADE operates on a wider range of services and sectors. These are selected with a view to :

  • exploring new areas ;
  • strengthening existing expertise ;
  • developing complementarities between current areas.

They are mainly conducted through the management of framework contracts and through specialized thematic interventions.

ADE VAT number is : BE 0439 825 021