WFP CEE Ukraine

This evaluation purpose is to assess WFP’s response to the Ukraine crisis following the escalation of the war with Russia as of February 2022, (i) providing evaluation evidence and accountability for results to WFP stakeholders, and (ii) providing learning on WFP’s performance during the emergency operation and for broader learning on WFP complex emergency responses. The evaluation covers 2 strategic plans, the Limited Emergency Operations (LEO: Feb-Dec 2022) and the Transitional Interim Country Strategic Plan (T-ICSP: 2023-2024) with a cut date of May 2024 for data collection corresponding to the end of the on-field visit. The assignment also covers preparedness activities carried out by WFP in Ukraine prior to the escalation of the war, as well as the Grain From Ukraine initiative, that entails logistic coordination to export food commodities from Ukraine to other countries in needed worldwide. Over the period under review, WFP provided a large set of assistance to direct and indirect beneficiaries, including (i) direct unconditional assistance (in-kind and cash-based transfers) to internally displaced, returnees, and vulnerable populations throughout the country, (ii) social top-ups to Ukrainian safety nets targeting pensioners and other vulnerable populations, (iii) school feeding, (iv) demining activities closer to the frontline, (v) capacity strengthening and technical assistance to the Ukrainian institutions and to the international community operating in Ukraine.

Project Details
Start date 2023.12.08
End date 2025.02.01
Client World Food Programme
Ref. ADE A632-046