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Since its creation, ADE has been present in the area of economic policies. The experienced gained over the past twenty years has allowed us to strengthen our expertise in the area of macroeconomic analysis and the public finance management, as well as in the support provided for national and regional development and poverty reduction. We provide many advisory services in these areas: studies, technical assistance, training and evaluation.

This growing knowledge is focused on assistance provided for the preparation, formulation and implementation of budget support programmes in particular. ADE thus provided support during the change in methods for the distribution and management of aid for budget support in keeping with the European Consensus and the conclusions of the Paris Declaration. ADE lends its support to European Commission Delegations, development agencies and beneficiary countries for the programming of aid as well as its implementation.

The «economic policies» department relies on the support of a team of highly
qualified experts. Some of these experts hold teaching positions in universities and
conduct research in macroeconomics, the theory of growth and development and
public finance management. In order to strengthen its position as a key stakeholder
in these areas of expertise, a NOMADE network was created, gathering
macroeconomists from Europe and beneficiary countries. Meetings are organised
each year to share experiences and discuss a particular subject.


  • Identification, formulation and follow-up of public finance management systems
  • Formulation and follow-up of general or sectoral budget support
  • Regional integration programme
  • Training in various areas of expertise, sharing of experience and methodological support
  • Large-scale and long-term technical assistance mission

Public finance

Actions aimed at improving the management of public expenditure and good governance are
at the heart of many reform programmes throughout the world.

In this perspective, ADE is developing expertise in the diagnosis of public finance
management systems and in-depth knowledge of the PEFA analysis framework. Budget
management centred on results, the elaboration of the medium-term expenditure framework
(MTEF), programme budgets and the follow-up and evaluation of sectoral expenditure are
ADE's areas of preference.

ADE also supports training and the implementation of many public finance reform programmes.

Budget support

The transition from aid project to budget support represents a deep transformation of relations between development aid agencies and the governments of beneficiary countries.

ADE conducts feasibility diagnoses and eligibility criteria analyses, in order to prepare the formulation of sectoral or general budget support. ADE also has recognised experience in the area of the monitoring and evaluation of policies, projects and programmes.

Regional integration

ADE has developed expertise over many years in the area of regional integration processes and their contribution to development. Its experience in this area is aimed at building capacities at regional level in order to implement integration policies which help create the necessary conditions for productive capacity building, sustainable development and the improvement of basic services.


ADE organises training in its areas of expertise and participates in particular in training programmes for European Commission staff involved in development aid methods. Expertise in 'knowledge management' allows this training to fit into a broader framework.

ADE also provides training related to the implementation of new WAEMU directives.

Technical assistance

Through large-scale technical assistance aimed in particular at supporting cumbersome reform processes in the area of public finance management, ADE intervenes via the establishment of a team of competent experts. By sharing knowledge and expertise adapted to local realities, ADE intends to provide true added value to the projects and programmes concerned.

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