Formulation for the support to Economic Policies Programme for Turkmenistan (AAP 2010)

The global objective was to facilitate the projects formulation process for the Central Asia Action Programme 2010 for Turkmenistan. The two projects were Strategic Planning and Private Sector Development (component 1 & 2), and Technical Regulations (component 3). The specific objectives were :  Component 1 : - Enhancing the professional expertise of the Institute of Strategic Planning and Economic Development in its task to contribute to the planning of the state policy and strategy, and in its task to advice the Government and all actors in all relevant cooperation aspects and support services - Establishing the Institute’s communication and Management Information System to develop contacts with international portals - Setting up a capacity building resource facility  Component 2 : - Concerning the Ministry of Economy and Development : • Enhancing the professional expertise • Implementing laws • Improving the services provided by the Ministry - Concerning the business intermediaries : • Improving the organization and enhancing the professional expertise • Fostering the setting up of private businesses  Component 3 : - Supporting the definition of the strategy and action plans - Supporting the setting up of new institutional and management model in the areas of standardization, accreditation and certification - Institutional building support to improve the knowledge of Turkmen economic operators and government stakeholders

Project Details
Start date 2010.03.23
End date 2011.12.31
Client EC Delegation
Sub-sector Trade policies & competitiveness
Ref. ADE A423-031