European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) Georgia – Phases III Review Mission for the Budget Support: The 3rd and 4th Tranches under ENPARD III

The EU-funded European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development in Georgia (ENPARD Georgia) aims to support the implementation of the Strategy for Agriculture Development in Georgia and the Strategy for Rural Development of Georgia. EU assistance under ENPARD Georgia is a vehicle to help accelerate the restructuring of the agricultural sector and the inclusive development of the rural economy of Georgia. The overall objective of this assignment was to promote the development of effective and sustainable agriculture and rural development policies and reforms and improved the delivery of related services to help address basic needs of the rural population. In so doing, ENPARD assisted the Government of Georgia in eradicating poverty, promoting sustainable and inclusive growth, and consolidating/improving democratic and economic governance. The specific objective of this contract was to provide an independent and detailed review of the Government''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s fulfilment of the conditionalities for disbursement linked to the last two tranches (2nd and 3rd tranches) of the ENPARD III budget support component. (2) The third variable tranche was assessed in 2020 (October-November / distance communication) and the fourth variable tranche in 2021 (May-June).

Project Details
Start date 2020.10.09
End date 2023.04.29
Client EC Delegation
Sub-sector Budget Support
Ref. ADE A595-089