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Monitoring and Evaluating public policies, institutions, instruments and programmes to guide evidence-based strategic and operational decision-making is one of our core areas of excellence. ADE's main added value lies in the cross-fertilisation of its methodological and thematic expertise and methodological rigour.

ADE is organised to conduct complex and challenging evaluations. ADE has a fully-fledged Evaluation Department which staff focuses on designing and implementing complex evaluation studies and on developing M&E systems in a variety of sectors. Moreover, ADE's staff in thematic departments also have extended experience in evaluation.

ADE provides various types of monitoring and evaluation support: baseline, ex ante, in itinere, mid-term, final, ex post.

ADE is particularly recognised for its expertise in the area of complex evaluations, which relate to strategies, public policies, institutions, instruments or large programmes in various sectors. This typically includes the types of evaluation illustrated below:

Impact Evaluation

For impact evaluations based on mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative) details can be found on our dedicated page.

ADE also provides several types of methodological support to promote continuous improvement and foster innovation in monitoring and evaluation: it constantly develops new methodologies and tools; it contributes to capacity strengthening; and it disseminates M&E results through interactive tools and active participation to conferences. For instance, ADE currently provides technical assistance and support for the establishment and management of an operational monitoring and risk management system for the Danida Country Programme for Mali.

methodological support


ADE is recognised to deliver high-quality evaluations. ADE's approach is mainly to build teams with strong internal dynamics gathering ADE staff and known external experts, and combining thematic and methodological expertise. This enables us to cover the specific needs of each assignment and to guarantee the quality of services.

ADE has also a strict Quality Assurance System for its evaluations. Furthermore, all activities of ADE are certified in conformity with the standards of quality system ISO 9001.

Many of ADE's clients explicitly recognised the high quality of our studies. To take one example, since 2008, ADE conducted the majority of the evaluations rated as "very good" by the EU's DEVCO Evaluation Unit, and one of two evaluations rated as "excellent".

Examples of evaluations

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