Evaluate the impact of EU Sector Policy Support Programmes

The overall objective of this contract has been to support the EU Delegation in defining the most suitable aid modalities for providing effective development assistance in Georgia. Specifically, the experts’ team evaluated the functioning and the impact of the EU sector policy support programmes approach vis Ă  vis other types of aid modalities. The experts conducted the following activities:  An assessment of the overall environment in Georgia that conditions the use of Sector Support Operations (according to EU guidelines for Support to Sector Programmes).  An assessment of the Government of Georgia's (GoG) legal framework and administrative capacities with regards to strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation in the sectors where the EU was providing sector support  An assessment of the EU Delegation's contribution to reforms in the supported sectors  An assessment of the GoG capacity and interest with regards to stakeholder consultation within the sector programs  An assessment of whether the used financing modalities in the SPSP are the most appropriate to stimulate sector reforms  An assessment of the effectiveness of the EU-GoG policy dialogue within the planned and ongoing sector programs  An assessment of the understanding of the Government of the main principles and operational features of the sector support and the used financing modalities Based on the assessment findings the experts organised a two days workshop with the involvement of government institutions, EU delegation and Donors. The final report provided a concrete set of recommendations to the GoG and the EU Delegation on the appropriateness of the sector approach and on how to improve its functioning and the choice of financing modalities.

Project Details
Start date 2011.08.21
End date 2012.08.01
Client EC Delegation
Sub-sector EU Aid Modalities
Ref. ADE A422-172