Approximation of standards and practices of antimonopoly regulating of the operations of self-regulating organizations

Since 2004, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia) has been the principle executive body exercising state functions in the sphere of competition protection in Russia. FAS Russia is a federal executive body reporting to the Government of the Russian Federation. In 2005-2006, the first phase of the competition protection legislation reform was implemented. In particular, the framework federal law, "On Competition Protection”, was adopted in July 2006. Currently, the second phase of the legislation reform is underway. The competition protection legislation reform has been implemented in parallel with reforms in other areas, in particular administrative reforms. Another key area subject to the legislative reform and adoption of new laws is the sphere of activities of self-regulatory organizations. This sphere is also subject of FAS Russia being the antimonopoly policy body since implementation of the newly adopted acts in this sphere may cause competition violations in various markets and emergence of new or strengthening of the current administrative barriers. Self-regulation in the form of activities by self-regulatory organizations has been practiced in Russia in some fields for quite a long time. The interest in self-regulation has increased. Today FAS Russia faces the task to establish a system for evaluation of fullness, consistency, efficiency and effectiveness of implementation of decisions to delegate individual powers from state bodies to self-regulatory organizations, as well as evaluation of development of voluntary self-regulation in the Russian regions. Self-regulatory organizations require rigid monitoring of violations in the competitive environment. In this respect, it is vital to increase the role of FAS Russia in monitoring operation of self-regulatory organizations. The objective of this project was to assist the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation (FAS Russia) with improving its effectiveness in preventing competition limitations as a result of operation of self-regulatory organizations, including the application of EU best practices in development of self-regulation mechanisms and its adaptation to the Russian environment

Project Details
Start date 2010.07.15
End date 2011.12.01
Client EC Delegation
Sub-sector Standards & Regulatory aspects
Ref. ADE A423-063