Thematic Global Evaluation of EC Support to Trade Related Assistance in Third Countries

This evaluation is part of a global contract where ADE is the leader. The aim of this global contract is to provide the Evaluation Unit of the EuropeAid Cooperation Office (AidCo) with flexible and effective tool to undertake sectoral and thematic evaluation studies. The object of the evaluations are the results of policies and programmes implemented by the European Commission in third countries and related to economic sectors and dimensions of EC external cooperation with partner countries. The evaluations include an overall assessment of the utility and impact of European Commission support against stated objectives. The subject of this evaluation in the EC support to trade-related assistance. The temporal scope of the evaluation is 2004-2010.

Project Details
Start date 2010.12.28
End date 2013.02.28
Client EC
Sub-sector Thematic
Ref. ADE A377-05