Regional Integration Support - Monitoring Regional Integration

Regional integration is a worldwide phenomenon of territorial systems that increase the level of interactions between their components and create new forms of organisations, which co-exist with traditional forms of state-led organisations at the national level. Regional integration being one of the priority areas of development cooperation within the framework of the ACP-EU Partnership, an assessment of the progress towards regional integration is an important aspect of the annual, mid-term and multi-annual regional review processes. Furthermore, one of the main elements of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations between the ACP Group and the European Union is to support and enhance existing regional integration processes in ACP Regions. Regional organisations use indicators, statistical and other, to monitor progress made with the implementation of the different components of their regional integration agenda. All existing initiatives at the regional level confirm the difficulties of compiling a meaningful and measurable set of indicators reflecting the regional integration agenda and one that can be updated fairly easily given the statistical and capacity constraints at regional and national levels. It is also clear that at the moment there is no unique and standard set of indicators and that each regional organisation needs a tailor made set. The overall objective of this project was the development of a coordinated system of regional integration indicators to have a verifiable basis and benchmarks against which it was possible to measure and adjust efforts made towards regional integration on national and regional levels. This was to be realized though the development of adequate monitoring tools

Project Details
Start date 2008.11.05
End date 2010.11.04
Client ACP Secretariat
Sub-sector Monitoring
Ref. ADE A412