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2024.05.15 to 2025.11.15

KOSOVO : Evaluation of EU cooperation with Kosovo*
2023.11.06 to 2024.11.05

TURKEY : Ex-post evaluation of the Budget Support Program for Sustainable Forest Management in Türkiye
2023.08.18 to 2024.02.15

2023.01.15 to 2024.04.15

MONTENEGRO : Establishment of the European Union’s own resources management system in Montenegro
2022.05.16 to 2023.05.31

MONTENEGRO : “Establishment of the Audit Recommendation Registry and the webpage of the State Audit Institution” - Relaunch
2021.10.25 to 2022.06.24

MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF : ENPARD Moldova – Support to Agriculture and Rural Development
2020.09.15 to 2021.06.22

MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF : Assessment of condition on public finance management and budget transparency for tranche releases under Budget Support programmes for 2018-2019 and technical assistance on wage policy and payroll management
2018.01.08 to 2020.01.08

MONTENEGRO : Support to the Assessment of Macroeconomic Impact of Structural Reforms
2017.05.29 to 2018.09.17

CROATIA (local name: Hrvatska) : Ex-post evaluation of EU assistance to Croatia in the period 2007-2013
2017.01.16 to 2019.08.13

MONTENEGRO : Support for Public Finance Management Policies
2016.09.05 to 2017.08.31

MACEDONIA : Enhancing the quality assurance and verification of expenditures functions in Central Financing and Contracting Department (CFCD) in the Ministry of Finance as Contracting Authority for programmes financed under IPA Components I, III and IV
2015.12.01 to 2017.12.31

MACEDONIA : Expert Support for Describing Functionalities of “Tailor-made Software Development and Data Warehouse for Economic Statistics”
2015.12.01 to 2016.02.29

TURKEY : Assistance to the Delegation of the European Union on IPA II Period Preparations for the Transport Sector Operational
2015.11.30 to 2016.12.01

KOSOVO : Impact and in-depth study of the Rural Development Grant Programme in Kosovo
2015.07.03 to 2016.06.01

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA : TA for BiH Compact for Growth and Jobs
2015.03.16 to 2017.02.14

ALBANIA : Preparation of the Term of Reference for IPA 2013 – Improvement of the Statistical Information System
2014.12.01 to 2015.02.02

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA : Technical Assistance for population and housing census data processing
2014.11.28 to 2017.11.28

MACEDONIA : Evaluation of the IPARD programme and EU assistance to the sector of agriculture and rural development in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
2014.04.07 to 2014.11.30

BALKANS : Mid-term Review of Partnership Programme for CSOs
2014.04.01 to 2014.09.30

MACEDONIA : Support to NAO/NF for strengthening the supervision role over the management and control system of the Operating Structures for different IPA Components
2014.01.15 to 2015.09.30

SERBIA : Assistance to the introduction of the simplified cost options in EU-funded grants in Serbia
2013.12.17 to 2014.04.15

MONTENEGRO : Support to the development of IT Strategy aligned with the Business Strategy for the Customs Administration of Montenegro
2013.03.30 to 2013.11.08

SERBIA : TA to draft Terms of Reference for the 2012 IPA assistance to the Republic of Serbia in the field of upgrading official statistics
2013.01.31 to 2013.03.26

MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF : Support Ministry of Economy in “Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area” Related Mapping of Assistance
2012.10.15 to 2013.08.30

TURKEY : Technical Assistance to the EU Delegation to Turkey for the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme
2012.08.06 to 2014.01.01

SERBIA : Support to State Aid Authorities in republic of Serbia for the alignment of State Aid schemes with EU Acquis
2012.08.02 to 2013.05.30

SERBIA : TA for supporting the Capacity of the Audit Authority of the Republic of Serbia
2012.06.20 to 2013.03.31

CROATIA (local name: Hrvatska) : Provision of technical assistance for IPA IIIc Programmes - Regional Competitiveness
2012.02.01 to 2012.12.10

TURKEY : Training courses related to sector approaches and Project Cycle Management
2011.12.12 to 2012.03.15

MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF : PEFA Assessment update for Moldova (2008-2010)
2011.07.12 to 2012.07.13

MACEDONIA : Support to the transition of the Civil Service Agency into the Agency of Administration
2011.02.18 to 2012.07.04

MONTENEGRO : Additional Support for improving statistics in Montenegro
2010.12.07 to 2011.08.16

TURKEY : Technical Assistance to Evaluate the Results of Upgrading the Statistical System of Turkey Programme Phase II
2010.11.01 to 2011.06.30

TURKEY : Technical Assistance for strengthening the Audit Capacity of the Capital Markets Board of Turkey
2010.10.14 to 2011.08.18

CROATIA (local name: Hrvatska) : Country Programme Interim Evaluation (CPiE)
2010.07.29 to 2011.04.30

MACEDONIA : Technical Assistance to the Insurance Supervisory Agency – Support in the area of risk-based supervision
2010.05.18 to 2011.06.30

KOSOVO : Preparation of IT project in Tax Administration
2009.11.17 to 2010.12.17

SERBIA : GAP assessment for DIS under IPA components III and IV
2009.11.16 to 2010.04.26

2008.10.22 to 2010.12.17

KOSOVO : Assistance to the design of project in Public financial management under IPA 2008, Kosovo (UNSCR 1244) Part II
2008.10.20 to 2009.03.05

BALKANS : Technical assistance to support the implementation of the infrastructure projects facility in social sectors request for services
2008.07.01 to 2011.01.12

CROATIA (local name: Hrvatska) : Maintenance of the Management Information System of the EC Delegation to Croatia
2008.06.09 to 2009.06.08

MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF : Support to the preparation of 3 Twinning Fiches (Competition, Intellectual Property Rights and Procurement)
2008.04.09 to 2008.01.10

TURKEY : Support to the NAO in Turkey in preparing the decentralised management of IPA for Accreditation - Stage II: Compliance Audit
2007.12.03 to 2008.02.15

CROATIA (local name: Hrvatska) : Strenghtening Human Resource Management, Education and Training at the Ministry of the Interior
2007.12.01 to 2008.08.01

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA : EU Support to the Economic Policy Planning Unit of BiH (EPPU) - Phase II
2007.09.03 to 2009.07.31

TURKEY : Technical Assistance to the Under Secretariat of Customs in Turkey - Altun/Customs
2007.08.20 to 2007.12.31

MONTENEGRO : Privatisation transaction advisory assistance
2007.06.11 to 2008.06.10

MONTENEGRO : Verification of accounts for grant scheme projects
2007.04.23 to 2007.11.18

CROATIA (local name: Hrvatska) : Design of a tourism master plan for two Croatian countries
2006.12.22 to 2008.01.21