PSD Thematic Evaluation published

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The Special Evaluation Office (SES/DBE) for the Belgian development cooperation has commissioned ADE to conduct an evaluation of the Belgian support to the private sector from 2013 to May 2017.

The evaluation aimed at assessing and drawing lessons from Belgium’s strategic approach in terms of private sector development (PSD) and actions for engaging the private sector for development (PS4D), in light of the quickly evolving international paradigm in this field.

The evaluation covered support through a wide range of actors, such as BIO (the Belgian Investment Company for Developing countries i.e. Belgium’s EDFI), the governmental agency Enabel (formerly known as CTB/BTC), the Trade for Development Center (TDC), Agricord, Exchange vzw and Ex-Change Expertise asbl, institutional actors and civil society organisations.

The evaluation methodological approach included a series of tools including a survey to embassy and Enabel staff in all Belgium’s Partner Countries, and field missions to Peru, Rwanda and Tanzania.

The evaluation report can be accessed through this link.


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