What does the future hold for impact evaluation in the Belgian NGO sector? The lessons from four case studies.

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ADE has conducted a series of 4 impact evaluations of NGO projects, for the Special Evaluation Office of Belgian Development Cooperation.

The 4 impact evaluations covered a diversity of countries and sectors:


  •        a drinking water project in Peru,
  •        a rice value chain project in Indonesia,
  •        a chicken and sunflower value chain project in Tanzania, and
  •        a right-to-health project in the Philippines.


The main purpose of the evaluation was to draw lessons on the relevance and feasibility of rigorous mixed-methods impact evaluations for Belgian NGOs.  

These lessons are presented in a synthesis report, which also provides the main findings on the impact achieved by each project on end beneficiaries. Details on the evaluation of each project can also be found in a dedicated volume.

The report is available in English, French and Dutch. To access the final report and related documents, click here.

A video explaining the methodological approach followed is also available. To access the video explaining the methodological approach, click here

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