Synthesis report of an impact evaluation using mixed methods is now available

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“Theory based evaluation” combining qualitative and quantitative methods has been used to estimate the attributable effects on beneficiaries of 4 projects, as well as to assess the overall impact. 

In addition to the ex post impact assessment of the 4 interventions, this study draws lessons on the feasibility and value for money of this kind of mixed method impact evaluation.

The synthesis report also gives concrete recommendations to increase the probability of achieving the project’s intended impact.

For this specific evaluation, ADE collaborated with the CRED (Center for Research in Economics Development from the University of Namur, Belgium) and benefitted a lot from their experience of 1st hand data collection (survey design and sampling, as well as identification of a credible counterfactual).

4 project evaluation reports (vocational training in DRC, irrigation and soil preservation in Morocco, water access and sanitation in Senegal, and public health in Rwanda) and 1 synthesis report are available in separate documents by clicking on the following link: (see “Ex post Impact Evaluation of four Bilateral Cooperation projects”)


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