Evaluación Final del Programa de Apoyo a la Gestión Presupuestaria en Guatemala

The project/program Support to Budget Management in Guatemala (SBMG) was formalised in 2008 through the signature of a Financing Agreement between the European Union and the Government of the Republic of Guatemala, represented by the Minister Public Finances (MINFIN or MPF). The overall objective of the project was to SBMG build capacity to improve the transparency and credibility of public administration, through improved consistency and efficiency of public expenditure management. The main objective of ADE’s evaluation mission was to offer to the EU external cooperation services, to the associated Government and to the public in general: • An overall independent valuation of the SBMG project exercise, paying particular attention to the results of the project in relation to its objectives; • The main findings and recommendations with a view to improving future action. Specifically, ADE’s mission performed the evaluation of: the design, context and relevance of the project; the planning system and its implementation; the monitoring system and the relevant indicators; the effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation; the achievements in the established commitments; the fulfilment of the timing and degree of adaptability and flexibility; the results achieved, their impact and sustainability. ADE also analysed means inserted after the external monitoring missions and mid-term evaluation. From these analyses, ADE has developed general conclusions and recommendations for future interventions in the sector.

Project Details
Start date 2015.06.01
End date 2015.09.04
Client EC Delegation
Sub-sector PFM system
Ref. ADE A505-089