Evaluation of the EU-Pacific Region cooperation

ADE conducted a regional evaluation of the European Union’s development cooperation with the Pacific region over the period 2006-2012, covering regional support to Pacific Island developing countries, overseas countries and territories. The two main objectives of this evaluation were (i) to provide an overall independent assessment of this support; and (ii) to identify key lessons to improve the current and future strategies and programmes of the Commission. The evaluation questions addressed the evolution of Commission policies & programming in the Pacific, its strategic approach and coordination with other actors (e.g. key bilateral donors in the region including Australia and New Zealand). They also investigated the role of the Commission in contributing to increased regional integration and trade, as well as the extent to which the Commission attained results in the areas of fisheries, energy, natural resource management and education. The evaluation was based on a large number of evaluation tools and sources, including field visits to four Pacific countries/territories: Fiji, New Caledonia, Kiribati, Samoa, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. The evaluation dissemination seminar was held in French Polynesia in December 2014.

Project Details
Start date 2013.01.15
End date 2015.03.16
Client EC
Sub-sector Instrument/Channel
Ref. ADE A458-005