Study Evaluation of the Suriname Business Forum

In 2005, an amount of € 2.4M was allocated from the 9th EDF to finance the « Public Private Partnership – Support to the Domestic Private Sector – Suriname Business Forum » project. The purpose of the project was the creation of an enabling environment for the development of a domestic private sector providing competitive and high quality goods and services. It was expected that the right prevailing conditions would generate economic growth and contribute to the reduction of poverty in Suriname and the Region. Project implementation officially started at the signing of the Financing Agreement (FA) in July 2005. Stakeholders in the sector mobilized support within the Suriname National Parliament and by November 2006 a law was passed which officially legalized the SBF. The SBC became operational in its own premises by November 2008. The SBF undertook a mission to the Netherlands and Brussels in March 2010 to identify future funding sources with visits to DG AIDCO, DEV and Trade. By the time of this Final Evaluation, the SBF has completed its draft Strategic Action Plan for the Development of the Private Sector in Suriname, based on the legal task to develop a national Strategy for the sector. DG AIDCO has confirmed that SBF is eligible for funding under the 10th EDF Technical Cooperation Facility (TCF). The final evaluation of the project assessed this development as a very positive step towards ensuring sustainability. The global objective of the project was to follow up and consolidate the achievements of the PPP – SBF project (2008 – 2010) by way of a specific evaluation of certain project outputs and identification of future funding opportunities.

Project Details
Start date 2011.11.02
End date 2012.11.30
Client ACP Secretariat
Sub-sector Project/Program
Ref. ADE A423-157