Mision de apoyo al arranque del proyecto "Apoyo a la integración económica del Paraguay"

The overall objective of the project is to promote the economic integration of Paraguay at the national, regional and multilateral levels. More specifically, this involves strengthening national institutional capacity to meet the challenges of globalization as well as increasing and diversifying foreign trade, through the adoption of simplified pre-and post-customs procedures; assistance to address the technical barriers to trade; and enhancing the capacity of private companies to meet foreign demand. The project will address four main areas: (1) To encourage and facilitate trade through the simplification and automation of pre- and post-customs procedures; (2) To develop strategies to address technical barriers to trade as well as and non-tariff restrictions; (3) To provide support for collaboration and joint actions between the private sector, universities and research institutes, particularly in the field of innovation; and also to strengthen the quality of certification systems for business; (4) To provide decent coordination between these related activities as well as with other agencies and organisations that are engaged in similar and related activities The objective of the mission is to provide technical assistance to the EAP, which is a team located in the Paraguayan Ministry of Industry and Commerce, with the start of their activities in terms of the planning and organization of the overall project "Support to the economic integration of Paraguay (AIEP)".

Project Details
Start date 2010.11.12
End date 2011.06.30
Client EC Delegation
Sub-sector Trade policies & competitiveness
Ref. ADE A423-098