EDF 10 – Identification and Formulation of TRA support in PNG

The Cotonou Partnership Agreement underlined the importance of trade for development. Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) overall policy setting recognised the benefits of greater integration into the global market and thus declared “export led growth” to be one of the three focal objectives of its recovery and development programme underlying its Medium Term Development Strategy 2005-10 (MTDS). Under the 9th EDF, the EC supported this strategy through a Trade-Related Assistance Project through three main components: 1) Capacity building for Trade Policy analysis, formulation and negotiation; 2) Enhancement of quality infrastructure to increase competitiveness (Technical barriers to trade and Sanitary and Phytosanitary Systems); and 3) Export promotion development and support to selected export promotion activities. The objective of the present contract was the identification and formulation of a successor programme, to be financed under the 10th EDF, as foreseen in the EC Country Strategy Paper.

Project Details
Start date 2010.06.04
End date 2011.03.31
Client EC Delegation
Sub-sector Trade policies & competitiveness
Ref. ADE A423-049