Elaboración de la Línea de Base/Programa de Apoyo a la Política Nacional de Seguridad Alimentaria Nutricional de Guatemala y su Plan Estratégico

Guatemala ranks first Latin American countries where there is a preponderance of chronic child malnutrition. This disease is directly linked to the level of poverty and rural population, and was particularly aggravated in recent years by climate events. The problem of malnutrition is complex and has its origin in various causes structural changes which affect the availability, access and consumption of food, including poor environmental conditions, lack access to potable water, frequent infectious diseases ... This situation calls for a medium and long term multisectoral response through coordinated actions of various institutions and programs that impact on food security and nutrition. In recent years, the Guatemalan government has made efforts to strengthen the legal and policy framework on food security and nutrition. A law was passed in 2005 and a national policy has been implemented in its Strategic Plan for Food Security and Nutrition. To improve and target public spending to increase system efficiency, a more operational version of the Strategic Plan was approved in June 2009. In order to support the Government in its efforts to solve the problem of malnutrition, the European Union has adopted a program to support government policies and programs: Program to support the National Policy on Food Security and Nutrition in Guatemala and its strategic plan. Therefore, the objective of this technical assistance is to contribute to updating the Strategic Plan (2009-2012) by including a system of indicators and medium term targets.

Project Details
Start date 2010.06.14
End date 2011.03.16
Client EC Delegation
Sub-sector Food security
Ref. ADE A422-069