Ongoing Evaluation of the 2007-2013 Rural Development Plan for Wallonnia

The project aims at assisting the Walloon Region (Belgium) in the setting up of the on-going (permanent) evaluation system related to the implementation of the 2007-2013 Walloon Rural Development Plan. The on-going evaluation is a global accompaniment of the evaluation process, which includes the validation of the system of indicators set up by the Walloon Region, the definition of collection methods for result (and impact) indicators, as well as the writing of annual activity reports. In 2010, this report consists in a Mid-term evaluation. The Mid-term evaluation answers to EC evaluation questions aiming at assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of the plan. In addition, the evaluator is responsible for the strategic monitoring whose objectives are defined in the Strategic Walloon Plan. The contribution of the Community strategy is an important component. Globally the evaluator has to identify success and failure factors of the plan, to formulate conclusions and recommendations based on observations, as well as to identify possible adjustments which are deemed necessary to improve the plan. The evaluator also participates to activities of the European network for rural development.

Project Details
Start date 2008.10.30
End date 2012.07.01
Client MRW
Sub-sector Agrucultural Policies - Rural Dev.
Ref. ADE A411