Misión de Asistencia Técnica Internacional para la realización de un análisis PEFA en Ecuador

Equator has, in the last years, improved its efforts to reform the public finances management systems with the objective of improving its efficiency and effectiveness. This mission had as a goal the realisation of an analysis of the Public Finances Management in order to improve it. More specifically, this mission has used the PEFA report as a reference for the monitoring of the Public Finances Management in the short term, as a guideline for the elaboration or revision of a public finances integrated programme or an institutional support programme in the medium term and as an instrument for strengthening the Public Finances Management capacities of the Government in the long term

Project Details
Start date 2009.07.23
End date 2009.09.17
Client EC Delegation
Sub-sector PEFA
Ref. ADE A353-403