FWC - Formulation Regional Transnational Organised Crime Programme WCA
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LOT 3 - Human Rights, Democracy and Peace

Expert 1 - Team Leader - CAT I.

Expert category : Cat. I (>12 years of experience)


Qualifications and skills required for the team:

  • Master degree (or equivalent professional experience) in the field of political science, international relations, development, security, governance, or any other discipline relevant to the mission; 
  • Strong and demonstrable knowledge of technical skills in programme design, implementation and/or monitoring/ evaluation;
  • Proven writing, analytical, diplomatic, and listening skills;
  • Availability to undertake missions in multiple West and Central Africa countries and ability to work in a complex and multicultural environment.


General professional experience of the team: 

  • The formulation team shall have a cumulative experience of at least 12 years in contributing to the identification, formulation and implementation of projects, particularly EU financed. At least one team member shall have successfully conducted a minimum of 3 identification/formulation missions, preferably for the EU 
  • The formulation team shall have a demonstrated experience in the construction of logical frameworks, preferably for EU-funded and regional, multi-country projects/programmes (cumulatively, at least 3 relevant assignments); 
  • The formulation team shall have a very good knowledge of the political context and security landscape in West Africa, as well as dynamics pertaining to organised crime and illicit markets; 
  • Professional experience in Africa is requested (at least 4 years, cumulatively); specific experiences in West or Central Africa working in/with the security community highly recommended;
  • The formulation team shall have demonstrable knowledge of ECOWAS, EU and other international partners/donors’ strategies related to TOC, and the main stakeholders; - Mixed team comprising professional expertise in programme development/formulation/design and relevant thematic expertise(s) will be strongly favored.


Specific professional experience of the team:

  • At least one team member shall have a proven experience working (as researcher, expert, consultant, practitioner) on cross-border/ inter-agency cooperation in West or Central Africa (minimum 5 years);
  • The formulation team shall have a cumulative professional experience of 5 years in programme formulation, management and/or implementation and/or evaluation in relation to the fight against illicit trafficking and TOC, preferably in Africa; - At least one team member shall have demonstrable knowledge of relevant legal and regional frameworks and political context shaping regional security governance and regional economic integration (2 relevant assignments) ;
  • Professional experience in planning/implementing capacity building and training activities (minimum 3 years); asset: experience in the field of security governance/reform/cooperation in Africa.


Language skills of the team: English: The TL shall possess a C1 level including excellent report writing and communication skills

Additional information : The team leader (to be identified in the proposed organisation, methodology, and financial proposal) is expected to possess demonstrable and consistent senior expertise in programme designing and implementation aligned with the requirements of this mission and commit to providing no less than 60 working days, including at least 10 on the field.

Minimum requirements : The leadership of the formulation team should be entrusted to an experienced professional in regional/ multi-country programmes’ development, design, management and/or monitoring & evaluation (at least 3 relevant assignments), team management skills (demonstrated by previous assignments), and relevant geographical and/or thematic experience (demonstrable through at least 3 assignments).


Minimum number of working days : 60 days


An answer will be given only to the successful applicant. For further information, please contact the below-mentioned person.

Arianna Aimararianna.aimar@ade.eu

Job Details

Project title FWC - Formulation Regional Transnational Organised Crime Programme WCA
Country AFRICA
Start date 2024.01.17
Duration 60
Deadline to apply 2023.12.08
Lot LOT 3 - Human Rights, Democracy and Peace
Contact Arianna Aimar
Ref. ADE A593-295